Ukash dropped VPN providers

YourPrivateVPN is very sorry to inform our customers that we can´t accept Ukash payments any longer. There was no way to convince Ukash to continue our merchant contract.

In a sudden change of its policy, Ukash dropped VPN providers, without any time frame or explanation, declaring that: <IP anonymizers or private VPNs or any similar service which has the intention
of hiding the true identity of a computer or device>, are not any more allowed.

We consider this attitude similar to the he banking blockade on WikiLeaks by Mastercard, trying to attack the free internet use.

Although VPN services are still legally allowed, in anticipatory obedience to the crown and international authorities, Ukash seems to work actively in the oppression of free internet use.

We are trying to find an alternative anonymous payment system.

The YourPrivateVPN Team